A simple time calculation of your bathroom remodeling project

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, time factor comes immediately after cost. While it’s almost hard for any remodeler to give an exact time, the process takes about 3 weeks. However, the total time required depend on how deep the remodeling project will go. Since reality rarely goes with the set plan, let me walk you through a realistic time frame for each phase if you manage to hire one of the top irvine construction companies.

Planning phase

A third of the time taken for bathroom remodeling goes to planning. This is a critical process that requires attention to details. The time taken on this phase will depend on the complexity of the project. Some of the activities involved include identifying the project objectives, design work, preliminary budget, material selection and contract specifications. Here, the contractor works with the customer. Sometimes the structural changes tend to add more time by getting plans approved by the city council. This phase takes about 1 week. For larger projects, planning can take up to 2 weeks.

Demolition work

This is the removal of the existing space. The process involves removing everything on the walls and the floor. A typical bathroom can take about a day or so. Sometimes, the demolition can be tedious if it’s located on first or second floor, particularly when removing out materials.

Scheduling for availability and ordering materials

The availability of the contractor will depend on his or her schedule. On the other hand, stock products can be ordered immediately since they have no lead time. In fact, the project can be started right away. As an organized homeowner, you can run two activities concurrently. For example, when the demolition is ongoing, you can order for the materials. However, if you need to source for high-quality cabinets and tiles, you can allocate yourself 2 to 3 days. You can also add an extra day for any offsite cutting measurements.

Actual remodeling

This is where the rubber meets the road. The time taken in this phase will depend on whether you want a complete or partial bathroom remodeling. Partial remodeling involves flooring and cabinet re-facing. This can take about a week or so. If you are going for a complete remodeling the following processes are involved;

· Standard plumbing and electricity work

This can take a day. The actual amount of man-hours will vary depending on the complexity of the project. More time may be required if you are removing the tap or toilet. A good electrician should move swiftly.

· Tiling and insulation

The time taken for tiling in a standard 50 square feet floor is one day. Likewise, the insulation should take 7 – 8 hours since only one or two walls are involved.

· Paint, cabinetry, and finish drywall

The bathroom has minimal cabinets, so a few hours are required. Finishing involves applying joint compound and sanding. This should take less than a day together with painting.

Bottom line

So, how long does bathroom remodeling take? The whole process takes 3-4 weeks. It’s important to note that the rest of the house has to stay functional. In such cases, the remodeling process could take longer due to the distractions by the homeowners. The time taken will also depend on how many people are working on the project.